Manager - Varik Marat
Public Relations - VictorianLace Goodliffe
Events Manager - Gregor Kobeshimi

Behind the Scenes 

Gregor Kobeshimi - Events Cordinator - Contact if you have event
VictorianLace Goodliffe - Contact for Schedule Sign Placement
Contact any Staff Member for Applications, Scheduling & general Station inquiries or send notes to gprscrolls
bluebird benelli -contracts, event posting, ad writer, technical assistance
liberty Luckstone - Contact to become an Amazing Anytimers 24/7 - tarn girl helper

Active Broadcaster
Free Men Free Women kajirae
Zane Kanze
VictorianLace Goodlife
lirael (akinyimarie)
Bryan (bryanr.rickena)
Ame Starostin (amethyst.starostin)
soh Ree
Dingo Night
tabicat (xtabi.galaxy)
Varik Marat
dehka Sweetwater
Angel Aji
Domi (dominque.rayna)
Gregor Kobeshimi
Debbie (xziana.roxley)
Hania Rae
karista (cfpowner)
Fidelio Matador
ßєthαηηiє (keely0523)
Bill Macmillan (bill843)
Skua (skua.brown)
britty (brit.darbyshire)
ησναℓєιgн (novaleigh.freng)
ivy Koba
Broadcasters Gone but Never Forgotten

ladina Fauna

left us June 30th 2011






talena Ember

left us Jan 23rd 2011

talena was devoted and beautiful in her manner here at the station. She researched music memories and provided fascinating shows. She also had a great sense of humor and Goreans Portal Radio will miss the devoted kajira that talena was, and the sweet voice of Southern Comfort





Broadcasters on Hiatus
Temper of Ar (temper.asturias)
Raven Cedarbridge
razi Berry
Dar Dion
tawny Braveheart
ŜΚÄ ĽĐ (tomas.wildcat)
ɭȉɩɤ (lillian.runo)
Kodiak Barrabus
kayla Khan
Papa Gibbs
tersa Vella
Dharken Resident
Tarn Girls


Lead TarnGirl: liberty Luckstone

cira Hawker
blue (bluebird.benelli)
mily Sandalwood
ebony Breda
rani (honor.winslet)
lark Bowen
kayla Khan
sugar (sugardc.pexie)
ησναℓєιgн (novaleigh.freng)
jaelyn Cristole
tarnGirl Resident
dehka sweetwater
lirael (akinyimarie)