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Goreans Portal Radio has been in operation, without missing a day, for over 10 years. It will be 11yrs July 5th, 2014. We started as strictly IRC based, but now our home is on Second Life. 

The mandate of Goreans Portal Radio has always been to be a positive presence on Gor, to model the core values of Gor and to provide a place for discussion, education and entertainment that is for, by, about and to Goreans. We hope to bring only what is relevant, what is interesting, what is educational and what is entertaining to our listeners. 

Goreans Portal Radio offers a variety of broadcasts from a host of skilled broadcasters from different parts of the world, with incredible collections of music and information. We don't  have too many hard-and-fast-rules and a lot of flexibility for surprise shows. And we are Gorean. Always. Basic Gorean protocols apply always. 

Goreans Portal Radio is also available to narrate and broadcast the ceremonies of Gor, the entertainments, the contests, and oh yes! the parties. There is never a charge for the services we provide. Goreans Portal Radio is a community service, that we hope adds to and strengthens online Gor. 

Please drop by anywhere we are broadcasting on Second Life. It's always a good time. You can find the complete schedule by clicking here

Goreans Portal Radio 
Simply Gorean - Simply the BEST 

Anyone who broadcasts or visits is considered to have agreed to the standards and guidelines below. 

The audience is the whole reason for the station, and they should be having fun! In order to maintain a relaxing environment, the standards for the stations are simple and Gorean. 

It is hoped that Free Men and Women will keep violence outside. 

Varik Marat has the final say over acceptable behavior. Itís not a democracy. 

Free Women - The courteous, deferential, and elegant presence of Free Women adds greatly to any Gorean event, and their respectful conversation is most welcome. 

kajirae - The spirit and intelligence of kajirae in the audience tend to make it lively and entertaining, and please remember you are here to be pleasing 

kajirae may:
come and go without permissions, if their Owners permit, but should be courteous. dance and sing and joke and have a good old time, without permissions, if their Owners permit. speak without permissions, if their Owners permit. take part in discussions, without being argumentative and may not overtalk or interrupt Free.
Please note: the overall topic and tone of kajirae conversation must be acceptable to the Free 

If you are interested in being a broadcaster for GPR please click here.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Varik Marat or e-mail to