Amazing Anytimers
Streaming Sims

Wondering How to Get on these Pages?

Well let us tell you a little bit about it!


Amazing Anytimers

This is where you stream Goreans Portal Radio 24/7. Then you are placed on a list which is sent to our broadcasters once a week and they use that list to plan where they are going to broadcast from if they already do not have prior commitments.

Your Sim will also be put on a voice ad along with the names of the other anytimers sims and put on the autostream. This will be changed out every week just like the list that is sent out to the broadcasters.

Your Sim will Also be added to the Amazing Anytimers web page. This will consist of Your Sim picture logo, a brief write up about your sim, also a small write up for your Market,a slurl (LM) to your sim, and a link to your web page if you have one.

If this all sounds interesting to you, Please Contact tawny Braveheart in world and she will be glad to get you set up or answer any questions you may have.


Streaming Sim

This is Where you Stream us some of the time we know people like to listen to different things but if you listen to us a few days a week or everyday for an hour long as you commit to being a Goreans Portal Radio streamer some of the time.

Also you must let us place one of our Schedule signs on your sim. It shows the daily schedule and is updated remotely every morning.

If you can meet this criteria then you will get put on the Streaming Sim web page, on this page will be your sim l, Name of your Sim, slurl (LM) to your sim. Also the streaming sim list will get read out over the air by VictorianLace Goodliffe who is on the air at least 3 times a week.

If this interests you at all please contact VictorianLace Goodliffe and she will be glad to put down a Schedule sign for you and answer any questions you may have.